Importing Sheet Summary Information into Tableau

Daniel Kent
Daniel Kent ✭✭
edited 06/14/22 in Add Ons and Integrations

We use Smartsheets to manage a wide variety of projects and have leveraged the Sheet Summary feature to capture metadata (e.g. Customer, Project Sponsor, Priority, Effort, Value, PM, Start and End Dates, ...) about each of these projects to allow us to build program and portfolio reports.

We've built a Sheet Summary Report in SS to provide a basic "dashboard" for our leadership team. Works great, but we wish to have this data in Tableau to allow more advanced graphics and dynamic filtering.

I attempted to use the Web Data Connector to pull this Sheet Summary Report into Tableau, and received an error message. I worked with the Tableau and SS Support teams and found that the WDC does not currently support Sheet Summary Reports. The SS Support team filed an enhancement request on my behalf.

Note that I am able to successfully pull Row Reports into Tableau using the WDC.

Until the enhancement request is completed, I need a solution to allow me to pull this Sheet Summary Report into Tableau. I tried the quick hack of exporting the report into Excel and then pulling that into Tableau - this works, but is a very manual process.

Has anyone faced this same issue and possibly solved it?