Why can't I graph a single percentage of 0% from a report in Smartsheets?

When I choose Select Column in the graph widget, the graphing works fine if 1) there are multiple Percentages and/or 2) the cell has anything but 0% in it.  I need to be able to graph ONE percentage even if that percentage is zero.  Smartsheets is telling me it cannot graph the data and to use a different column?  If the percentage is anything but zero it graphs it perfectly fine. 


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  • Well as far as I can tell you can't display 0% on a bar graph either unless you have more than one metric.  I can't use the metric widget because I have 40 other customers charted with bar graphs and that's the way the boss wants its.  This is going to be viewed by executive and senior management and has to be consistent across all customers.  Submitting Enhancement request. 

  • Genevieve P.
    Genevieve P. Employee Admin

    I was able to input a bar graph with the value as 0% - it just shows up as a blank chart.

    Could you maybe try "tricking" the widget? Change the cell to 1%, add the chart widget, then go back and update the source sheet back to 0%. Did that work?

  • Yea I tried, it didn't work.  I greatly appreciate your assistance!  I have submitted a performance enhancement for this functionality.   :)

  • I am reviewing this software and my organization is considering it but we just happened upon this very issue. We want to create a dashboard with pie charts but some values are at zero and wont chart in any format. Seems like such a basic basic issue. Will this be resolved soon? Where is it on the Roadmap? I can't believe it has been two years as a known issue and it is not resolved.