Tasks and Subtasks moving lanes in Card View


I think I've already submitted this as a feature request but just checking I've not missed something...

When I update a task in card view by dragging it into another lane, is there any way to choose whether the subtasks come with it?

We have the view filtered by level 1 tasks, so users can see the parent task with the subtasks nested within it, but not the individual cards for the subtasks. If a user moves the parent task to another lane, they cannot see that there are x number of subtasks still sitting in the previous lane.

Also, it's kind of annoying having to drag and drop each individual subtask into the new lane instead of being able to select multiple cards at once.

I know I could get around this by switching to grid or gantt view but I'm trying to keep this as simple as possible for the (not all very tech savvy) team who will be updating the tasks.


  • Genevieve P.

    Hi Liz,

    Although there's not a specific functionality built into Card View to do this, you could create a formula in the Grid View version of the sheet which would help automate this.

    In my example, "Status" is the name of the column I'm using for lanes. You can copy this formula into the children rows in the Status column:


    This will then automatically change the data in the child tasks to equal its parent Status, moving it to the correct lane. You'll need to set this up once in Grid View, and re-add the formula in whenever a new Parent is created (or new subtasks), but then your users in Card View who are doing the general updates won't have to go into Grid.

    You would likely want to keep the view to be Level 1 so that they can't drag the child cards into different lanes (which would break the formula).

    Will this work for you?



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