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I'm having some issues around a simple vlookup using dates. I have include screenshots to assist.

My formula looks as follows and I am getting a "invalid data type" error.

=VLOOKUP([Batch Helper]1, {Site Disposition - database (MASTER) Range 2}, {Site Disposition - database MASTER Range 1}, false)

I am trying to do as follows:

For the Task Due column, do a vlookup table to another sheet that looks for the "Batch Helper" number as per below screenshot in the first column "Master Row" and returns the corresponding "A-Due" date in the "Task Due" column.

I cannot seem to resolve the invalid data type error. I have also shown the "task Due" and the "A-Due" are both DATE column types.

any assistance would be great. The "A-Due" date is also populated by another formula as shown in the screenshot. Im not sure if this is causing the issue also,


  • Paul Newcome
    Paul Newcome ✭✭✭✭✭✭

    Your first range should cover both columns, and the position where you have the second range needs to be a number reflecting a column number within the first range.

    =VLOOKUP([Batch Helper]1, {Site Disposition - database (MASTER) Range 2} <-- This should cover all necessary columns with the lookup value column on the left and the output column on the right.

    =VLOOKUP([Batch Helper]1, {Site Disposition - database (MASTER) Range 2}, # <-- This should be the number that says which column number from the range the output column is. So if your range is only covering two columns (search value on left and output on right), then the output column number would be 2.

    Try adjusting your range and updating the 3rd portion of the VLOOKUP with the column number and see if that clears things up for you.

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