Nested IF giving me an Unparseable error

I am trying to create buckets of product go-live dates using the Nested IF formula. When I only had 4 buckets, it worked perfectly. When I added 3 more buckets, I cannot get it to work. Here's the formula:

=IF([Workdays to Go-Live Target]1 < 0, "Past Go-Live Target", IF ([Workdays to Go-Live Target]1=<7, "1 Week", IF([Workdays to Go-Live Target]1=<14, "2 Weeks", IF ([Workdays to Go-Live Target]1=<21, "3 Weeks", IF([Workdays to Go-Live Target]1 =< 30, "30 Days", IF([Workdays to Go-Live Target]1 =< 60, "30-60 Days", IF([Workdays to Go-Live Target]1= > 61, "60+ Days", "TBD")))))))

This is due tomorrow! Can anyone help me figure out what I am doing wrong? BTW- The original formula did not include = so I removed those and still got the error.

Thank you in advance for any assistance you may offer!



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