Limiting date range choice in a form

A week or two ago I had an issue with automation not triggering properly in a form I created.

Here is a little background. We are upgrading Windows versions on certain workstations. I had a specific range of dates for users to choose from to get upgraded. I originally created a column [Requested Upgrade Date] that was a radio button input on the form. Once this date populated in the text column, a formula moved the date from the text column to a column named [Upgrade Date] which was a date format column.

I then created a workflow that would e-mail interested parties a list of upgrades that were supposed to happen that day. An hour later it would also e-mail a list of upgrades that were past due. Well, the automation did not work as expected. I suspected it was because the [Upgrade Date] column, even though I was set to date format, was not actually in date format.

I did some testing and confirmed this was the case. When I put the date format column on the form and submitted some test entries, the automation worked fine.

This created another problem. In order for the automation to work, I had to allow them to choose the date from the date picker in the form thus abandoning the radio button option. The problem is, I could not find a way to limit the date range that the users were allowed to choose in the form and of course the very first entry after it went live, the user chose a date that was not available.

So, the short version of my question is, is there a way to restrict the range of dates a user can choose when visiting the form I create and submitting it. Please keep in mind, using a radio button or pull down list won't work because I cannot trigger date based automation on anything other than a date formatted column.

I want to make sure I am not missing something before I submit a feature request for date range input limits.