Attachments (PDFs) opening in web browser, not default PDF reader - how to change preference


Our attachments in Smartsheet which are usually always PDFs, used to open in my default PDF app - I have just upgraded computers and now PDFs open in my web browser?! Which I don't want.

How do I change the preference to open these attachments in the PDF reader of my choice?

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  • Heidi Hanlon
    edited 03/04/20

    Seems like a problem with Microsoft Edge wanting to be the default reader and no way to over-ride it within Microsoft Edge... I have BlueBeam selected as the default PDF reader in every possible place, and if I open a PDF straight from the hard drive for example, no problem, straight to BlueBeam... But nothing overrides ME opening them from within the browser, so straight from Smartsheet for example...

    Any ideas...?

  • Brian VanZant


    did you ever get an answer to your question re: Bluebeam? I am having the same issue.

  • I am using Google Chrome and am experiencing the same problem- I want to be able to open it in Nitro and edit it right there and then rather than having to download it. Nitro is my default, but it still opens in chrome.

  • Kelli.Cook
    Kelli.Cook ✭✭✭✭

    Hi All, Is there an update on this? I am trying to open pdf's in PDF XChange Editor. I was able to at one time, but am not able to now. I do use Chrome.

  • HeatherC

    I found the only way to change this setting, was to disable the Adobe viewer in Chrome extensions.