Forms and QR codes

Just wondering if any of the following are possible.

  1. Can I set up logistics within a form? For example, I want to create checkbox options that depending on what the person checks, a new field will appear. That way, people are only filling out what pertains to them and all other columns are hidden (and will only show up if they click a checkbox that prompts more information).
  2. Can I set it up so that each time a form is submitted it generates a QR code (create a generated column in the sheet but instead of an auto-number, its a QR code)? That way, this QR code can track the progress of that line item all the way through. (I.e. Each form submission is an order for a kit that is tracked from the time it is submitted, under review, shipped, and installed). And every time that QR code is scanned it would update the status in the Smartsheet.