Link to local files or folders on company drive

Dear all,

obviously this has been an issue since a couple of years for a number of people. I could not find a solution, yet.

I want to link a cell in Smartsheet to files on our companies drive - meaning:

If I click cell@ a certain folder or file on my local drive should open.

How is this possible?

So far I can only add a URL into a cell or link to a cell in another Smartheet

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  • I also could use this feature, and submitted a request to that effect. My company doesn't organize our local files on a cloud drive primarily for compliance reasons (healthcare). Linking local drives would be extremely helpful for maintaining 5+ year histories of ongoing trials.Save Draft

  • Mo Zubair
    Mo Zubair
    edited 11/16/23

    Its frustrating that this simple & common feature is NOT available in smartsheet since people have been asking for it for years. I wonder what limits its adaptability!

    Have already submitted feedback to smartsheets for implementation.