Best Workflow for tracking tasks and reporting

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I am using Smartsheet to accept requests (using a Form) to upload a video and get captions generated then share the links and other details with the requestor once the tasks are completed. This process involves several steps over a period of time (and a few different people).

I have an input form that populates a sheet where I have added columns for the steps to track the steps of the request. I can use a formula to generate a "status" and report off this sheet and it works fine.

My issue is that the number of columns to do this is pretty long and it's a scroll-a-thon even when I freeze the key columns to see details people need to either track the tasks or see the links and related data. Plus it's just not visually appealing.

My second attempt was to organize the steps vertically using children. I like the way this looks much better although to see ALL the form fields and links it's still a scrol-a-thon. Another issue with this is reporting on the Children Rows - haven't figured that out yet.

What brought me to questioning my whole workflow was when I tried automating the moving of the input fields from the source sheet to the Tracking sheet. Each new form creates a new row but not all the children (Steps) required to track. Then I tried coping rows from the Form sheet to the tracking sheet but then it copied more columns than I wanted - is there a way to selectively copy rows/columns?

It seems either method is workable but before I go digging into reports and linking and summaries, etc. I would like some input from others that have created similar workflows.

What's the best method to organize or separate the Input from the tracking sheets and still reference or pull data? What combination of automation, cell linking, summary fields, etc. works best?

My desired outcome:

An input form for people to request the video be uploaded and captioned (Done)

One place for the people involved in the tasks to track their steps and to and enter the related links/content.

A "User Report" or way for individuals to see the status and related links for their specific requests and for managers to see status and related links for all requests.

Thanks for any insight anyone might be able to provide.


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