Is there a way to deal with "maybe situations" or varying predecessors?

Hi SmartSheet community!

This may be an odd one to describe but I am going to try my best. I have a process that is a bit circular and is also a "maybe situation." For our product, we will go through rounds of optimization but only on an as-needed basis dependent on results.

For example, we anticipate product A will need 4 rounds of optimization so I want to initially account for all 4 rounds in my sheet. However, after round 2 the results are satisfactory. Initially, I set all of my dependencies on 4 rounds of optimization instead of 2. Is there a way to avoid having to re-do half of my sheet to now depend on only 2 rounds? Can this somehow be automated? Or is it best to just put all 4 rounds in, delete, and change all predecessors? Told you this is a weird one! Hope I've explained it clearly. Thanks in advance!