Nested IF statement with date comparison

I am either getting a #UNPARSEABLE error or #INCORRECT ARGUMENT with my formula. I am trying to compare two different date columns (Posted Date) or (Last Reviewed) against another date column (Deadline) to indicate a Yes or Review Needed. One of my columns (Last Reviewed) could be blank because it has been reviewed since posted. I need Yes if the Posted or Last Reviewed date is greater than the deadline, Review Needed if not or blank. I have tried a couple of versions.

=IF(Deadline19 > [Posted Date]19, "Review Needed", IF(Deadline19 > [Last Reviewed]19, "Review Needed"), IF(Deadline19 < [Posted Date]19, "Yes"), IF(Deadline19 < [Last Reviewed]19, "Yes"))

=IF(Deadline18 > [Posted Date]18, "Review Needed", "Yes", IF(Deadline18 > [Last Reviewed]18, "Review Needed", "Yes"))


  • Paul Newcome
    Paul Newcome ✭✭✭✭✭✭

    I am having a little trouble following what exactly you are trying to accomplish (very long day - my apologies), but your first formula seems like it should do the trick with a few syntax corrections. It looks like it just has a couple of misplaced parenthesis.

    Here it is with the parenthesis adjusted to follow proper syntax:

    =IF(Deadline19 > [Posted Date]19, "Review Needed", IF(Deadline19 > [Last Reviewed]19, "Review Needed", IF(Deadline19 < [Posted Date]19, "Yes", IF(Deadline19 < [Last Reviewed]19, "Yes"))))

  • Paul -

    I have two date columns of when either a document was created (then posted) on our website or was subsequently revised/reviewed and then the new version posted on the website. I need to find out the ones that either one of those date columns is before my deadline review date of 01/01/2018, so I can see if they need reviewed or not.

  • I think I just answered my own question - I was overthinking it. I can have my last reviewed and post dated be the same. Then I can just compare the two columns.

    Thanks Paul!

  • Paul Newcome
    Paul Newcome ✭✭✭✭✭✭

    Haha. No need to thank me. Apparently I didn't help much. You figured it out on your own. If you still need help, let me know. I am going to grab some much needed coffee, so hopefully I won't be so slow on the uptake here before too long. Hahaha.

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