Predecessors - Auto populate dependencies

Thomas Griffin
edited 04/02/20 in Smartsheet Basics

I am looking for a way to Auto populate/adjust Dependency length on my predecessors.

To further explain:

I have my projects setup with multiple Widgets. Each widget starts based off a lag time from the start of the widget before it. IE:

This is representing that mod 1 and 2 start on the same day, and mod 3 and 4 start on the same day, one day later than mods 1 and 2.

What I am wanting to be able to do it "auto" set the dependancy amount (IE: 1d) to be able to adjust for run rate differences of production. The current picture shows a 2/day start rate of the widgets. If i want to change it to 3/day or 1.5 a day, etc. currently I am needing to manually re-enter each cell, as the run rate pace adjusts.

The only way I have come up with to make this quicker, is to do an average for dependencies (IE 2/day creates an @rowSS=.5) and then do a CTRL F search and replace for all ".5" and change them to something like a ".33" for a 3/day run rate.

This is still a manual edit, and it also creates unevenness and doesn't keep an even pace of "Starts". It also requires to still put EVERY single predecessor row# in on the original setup, which can be hundreds of rows. So I am stuck Typing 883SS+.5, 884SS+.5, OR the 882SS, 883SS+1, ETC.

IS there a way to set a run rate of "SS" dependencies, and then have each rows predecessor look at the cell above it in the date column, to automatically know-then populate- the correct row/predecessor. Much like we can do if we had a formula looking at a certain cell, and just drag the formula down, auto filling the formula into the predecessor column?

Thanks in advance,