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I am going to try the out of spec condition using VLookup. I am not sure this is possible. But here we go.

This log has entries that will VARY but do have upper and lower limit specs. However, in the same stage one substrate may have a different u/l spec sujch as seen here with CRS UPPER limit of 175 and all others have 160.

The formula would be in the yellow column and state in " Red or nothing" based on the Vlookup from the next example. Table 1 shows entries from operators - temperature will vary in the "bath" if you will.

Example. IF CRS <120 or CRS greater than 175 - state RED

Example: IF HDG<120 and HDQ>160 - state RED

Conditional formatting based on RED will highlight the Stage 1 Temp column.

I am not good with VLookup - am trying to see what it can do for me.


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  • Elizabeth Aird
    Elizabeth Aird ✭✭✭✭
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    Paul -

    If I you were here I would hug you! (PS working from home is making me a little crazy! lol)

    I get it - I hope. It doesn't mean I won't have another similar dumb question down the road.

    thank you!!!!


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