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CJ Koan
CJ Koan ✭✭
edited 04/06/20 in Formulas and Functions

I am attempting to count cells that have text or not and using this formula:

=IF(SUM(IF(SUM((IF(ISBLANK([T2 Last Name]@row), 0, 1) + IF(ISBLANK([T3 Last Name]@row), 0, 1)) + IF(ISBLANK([T4 Last Name]@row), 0, 1))) + (IF(ISTEXT([Last Name]@row), 1, 0))), 0, "")

If the cell has text I want it to count 1 - if not then 0 and then sum them at the end. This works great but then puts a 0 in the cell. I can't hide the 0 so tried to add another IF/Then to make the cell blank if ALL the cells are blank - or the row is blank - and I'm getting an INCORRECT error. Is there a less complex formula? Can you see my error?

Thanks - new to the community!

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