Send automated workflow emails on weekdays only


Is there a way to ensure workflow emails are only sent out on weekdays? I have a workflow set up to send update requests 2 days before a due date but I'd like them to only go out on weekdays. For example, if something is due on a Monday, instead of getting a notification on Saturday (which tends to be ignored), the notification would go out on Friday. Is this possible?


  • Robert Gochee


    if you set up another column "Date Notification Sent" and reference the Due with this formula. This formula sets the date back 2 Business Day's from the due date (accounting for the weekends) - On Saturday and Sunday no Date will Appear

    =IF(WEEKDAY([Due Date 1]@row) = 2, [Due Date 1]@row - 3, IF(WEEKDAY([Due Date 1]@row) = 3, [Due Date 1]@row - 4, IF(AND(WEEKDAY([Due Date 1]@row) >= 4, WEEKDAY([Due Date 1]@row) <= 6), [Due Date 1]@row - 2)))

    In your Workflow Update Request -

    Set the Trigger to the Date Notification Sent "Any Value"

    Add Condition Where - Date Notification Sent "Is Today"

    I believe this should achieve what you are looking for.

    Let me know if this works,


  • Natalie Davison

    Thanks! I am not very comfortable working with extended formulas but I'll give this a try.

  • David Fiorino

    I didn't see a response if the above worked...

    If that doesn't work, I think you will need to evaluate the due date column with the "When a date is reached" function. Otherwise you will need to wait for a record change or row add before the automation step runs again. If you enter the info only every Wednesday, I don't think the automation will trigger again until the next Wednesday.

    As for a formula, the workday formula should handle this. It automatically excludes weekends and has a holiday function if you have a list of other dates you want to exclude. The example below looks at Day 1 and gives you the next weekday. Enter a negative number if you want it to look back a set number of days.