Remove cell contacts, already removed from contact list, and sharing list, and culumn properties.



I've noticed that contact columns save, or cache, the contacts that have been previously entered in that column. If I begin typing a name, it will produce a drop-down menu that includes all of the contacts which have previously been used in that column and which also begin with the letters I've entered. For example; if I had entered Marvin and Mary previously, all I have to do is Type M-A-R . . . and a list will appear that includes Marvin and Mary. Now let's say I've removed Mary from my contacts list, and from the sharing list, and from the column properties list. Why does Mary's email address still appear in that list when I type M-A-R . . . ? If Mary has left the company and I want to be sure she never ends up as a contact in a cell, how do I remove her completely? How do I clear that cache?


  • John