Autopopulate text based on drop down option


I'm trying to figure out a formula to autopopulate text in a cell based on a drop down option in a previous cell. Basically one column would contain the drop down (Campus) and based on which campus is selected, a different cell (account) would autopopulate.

Ideally it would look like this:

Campus (drop down) Account (auto pop)

Blue 1234

Red 4568

Blue 1234

In looking through the forum, I saw this formula but would need to tweak it a bit in order for it to "hopefully" work: =IF(AND([Cancellation Effective]@row <> "", [Cancellation Effective]@row <= TODAY()), "Inactive", IF([Start Date for Phase 1]@row <= TODAY(), "Active", IF([Start Date for Phase 1]@row >= TODAY(), "Onboarding")))

Any insights would be super helpful!

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