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Can you please suggest me with a formula that carries out the following function for me:

IF %column = 100%, "Complete"

IF%column = >25% and <=99%, "In Progress"

IF %column = <25% "At Risk"

IF %column = blank, i.e. no value then "Postponed"

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  • Brett Wyrick
    Brett Wyrick ✭✭✭✭

    Hello there Amanda, replace "PercentageComplete1" with whatever your column's name is (%column you referenced above). Let me know if this works, and if it does, please mark this as "Answered" below.

    =IF(PercentageComplete1 = 1,"Complete", IF(AND(PercentageComplete1 < 0.25, PercentageComplete1 > 0), "At Risk", IF(AND(PercentageComplete1 > 0.25, PercentageComplete1 <= 99), "In Progress", IF(PercentageComplete1 = "","Postponed"))))


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  • @Brett Wyrick Hi! It didn't really work. I get an incorrect argument message as soon as I enter the formula formula. Can you see what's wrong?

    P.S. I have entered %complete = 0 in the last part of the formula because I would like the last part to check if percentage column = 0 then enter postponed.

    =IF([% Complete]3 = 1, "Complete", IF(AND([% Complete]3 < 0.25, [% Complete]3 > 0, "At Risk", IF(AND([% Complete]3 > 0.25, [% Complete]3 <= 99), "In Progress", IF([% Complete]3 = 0, "Postponed")))))

    A quick response will be greatly appreciated!