How do I enter data into an existing row using a form?

How do I meet the following requirements?

Using Request Tracker with Form Template -

End user opens change request form - enters initial information related to the change being made.

This begins a new record (row) which consists of the initial information provided through the form plus pre-defined "phases" . Turn-around-times for each phase are tracked across the row in order to collect TAT for each step in the process.

At each phase, the end user can select the appropriate form and enter the unique ID number (from a dropdown generated by the system - link to ID field). Form auto populates a few pieces of information so the end user can verify they have selected the correct ID.

User enters a few fields to add data to the existing record (row).

Please advise.


  • Genevieve P.
    Genevieve P. Employee Admin

    Hi Alicia,

    The easiest way to accomplish what you're describing would actually be through the Premium Application, Dynamic View. Please see our Help Center article on Dynamic View for more information.

    If Dynamic View isn't an option for you, you could potentially set up a system of workflows that send Update Requests (see here). This would send rows to specific people based on certain criteria. This will open up a different type of form that can update that specific row (instead of creating a new row).

    In this instance, the user cannot request to update a row; you would need to have some sort of indicator for when to send the form back to them (whether it's a date or a status change, etc).