MSFT Power Automate (Formerly Flow) Connector

Mark Salamon
Mark Salamon ✭✭✭
edited 06/14/22 in Add Ons and Integrations

I have been testing out the connector that SmartSheet has built for Power Automate (formerly Flow): I am using it to insert a new row into a sheet, triggered when an email is received that meets certain criteria. I am adding information from the email into the new row.

However, the Insert Row action does not support adding attachments to the row. I would like to take the entire email and save the eml file as an attachment to the new row. (Getting the email file is now possible using the Outlook connector: Can you consider enhancing your connector include support for adding an attachment to a row?

I have built Flow connectors in the past for another company. It only requires that a corresponding API call exists, which it does in this case: However, that is separate from the Add Row REST call, so it may make sense to make a separate Attach File to Row flow action which will be called after the row has been created, taking the SheetID and RowID returned by the Insert Row action.

Also, one of the columns in my sheet is Created By. When I configure the Insert Row action, it shows automated columns, but you cannot set the value of those columns. When I tried, my flow failed. You should modify the Insert Row action to exclude any automated columns from appearing.