Jira - Smartsheet Connector: Updating issue status in Smartsheet, not syncing to Jira


We have a bidirectional sync set up between our Jira instance and a Smartsheet. When we make changes to the status on the Jira ticket, they do appear correctly on the Smartsheet. That's with the issue status being mapped to a text/number column.

If I update the column to Drop down (single select) and input every status that is available in Jira as options for the drop down, allowing users to just select the status from a list on Smartsheet, the statuses no longer seem to sync.

Should I be able to sync a Jira issue status with a drop down column in Smartsheet?


  • Hello,

    We have several custom fields in Jira that are user picker fields. We have these mapped to drop down (single select) columns in Smartsheet. This works pretty well in general, but if I want to clear the user picker from Smartsheet, if I just delete the value in the column from smartsheet it does not push down to Jira, and instead updates with the Jira value.

    Is there any way I can get it set up so that when I clear the value in Smartsheet, it will clear the user picker value in Jira?