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In smartsheet I tried to conifgure a workflow that launch an alert to a specific user. Does someone know if it is possible to configure an alert workflow that would be sent to someone according to his function or profil (for example an alert for the project manager) ?

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  • Corentin Dal Farra
    Corentin Dal Farra ✭✭✭✭✭✭
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    Hello Paul,

    Thank you. For example I would like to have a group of users that are identificated as "project managers".

    In my solution, I have only one sheet for my project with several phases and some tasks for each phase. Each task in my project is affected to a profile / fonction. If my task is overdue and that the function affected is "project managers" for example, I want to send an alert to all the users in the group "project managers".

    Please let me know if I can add more details to help you see clearly what could be alternatives for this issue;

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