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Creating a Project Plan Template

Jan Peters
Jan Peters ✭✭✭✭
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Hi - Has anyone created a Project Plan Template that can then be duplicated to create a new baseline project?  If so, can you share how you duplicated the template? as well as any other suggestions based on what has worked well for you? 

Since a lot of our projects are very similar, it would help us to not have to reinvent the wheel everytime a new project plan is needed.

Thank you!



  • Admin@PAT

    Once you create the Template you wish to use, simply Save as Template using the little arrow in the Sheet Tab - then you can use this as a starting point for new projects moving forward.

    You are prompted to save as (name) and destination - I have a Folder simply called Templates I refer back to.

  • Michelle Watkins
    edited 12/14/16

    Hi Jan,


    My trick is this....instead of saving each sheet as a template to then be used by others later, I actually keep these as SHEETS, establish a Templates workspace giving others view only access and place the sheets in this templates workspace.  


    1. You can either just create the templates in the workspace or start to group templates (actual sheets, reports and/or Sights) in folders in the workspace


    2. I then provide instructions to my users when they are ready to spin-up a project to right click on the workspace, save as new, to create their new project workspace.  This option will save all of the objects (sheets, reports and/or Sights) to become the new project for the user.  If you have hyperlinks between sheets - this approach will automatically update to be connected together.  If you have report widgets on Sights or links from objects in this workspace groups, these will also automatically update when saving as new.


    * You can do the same steps as above for a folder - its just that the user will need to pre-establish their project workspace before saving the folder and its objects to their new project workspace.


    After the user has saved the grouping as new, they can add the project name to each file by re-naming so they can differentiate in the event they are using the templates for mulitple projects.  It helps know which item is open in the tabs of Smartsheet as they are navigating through their projects each day.


    The reason I take the approach above - a little over a year ago Smartsheet came out with the bulk save as new option (workspace or folder level) that was a huge timesaver for me and the project managers I rolled Smartsheet out to. A lot fewer steps than having to click on 'use template' on every object plus rename and select where to place the object (sheet, report, Sight).


    Hope this helps - it works like a charm!

  • Jan Peters
    Jan Peters ✭✭✭✭

    Thanks so much Michelle - this is great feedback and I will definitely be using!  I am the only project manager at my company currently, so am working to establish as many best practices and add efficiencies wherever possible.  I really appreciate this valuable advice.  Thanks again!

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