Making a field mandatory

I have a sheet where a request for update is sent to an approver. If the approver selects Decline and resubmit in the status field the request goes back to the requester on the form. The requester needs to provide additional data as noted and then they need to say YES to the resubmit request field for the workflow to send it back to the approver for a second review. In testing I have overlooked changing the resubmit the request field to YES several times. For testing I can go into my sheet and change it and it will go on its merry way but I would like to make it so that the person resubmitting the request cannot submit it without that field being changed. Any thoughts?


  • Genevieve P.
    Genevieve P. Employee Admin

    Hi Chris,

    It sounds like you're using an Automated Update Request when you're sending the form back to be filled out, is that correct? If so, currently there isn't a way to make certain fields mandatory in an Update Request form (please submit an Enhancement Request when you have a moment!)

    There may be ways to make the field more obvious though. Can I ask how many columns will need to be updated in the form? Would it be possible to use the Custom Column feature and only show a few, so that it's obvious that this "Yes" is a field that needs to be edited? I would also suggest adding custom text to the email portion to stress the importance of that field.

    Another option would be to use one of our Premium Applications, Dynamic View; Dynamic View can make certain fields Required when other criteria is met (see here for more information).