Checkbox formula causes Contact field to update daily

Susan Peck
Susan Peck ✭✭✭✭✭✭

Hi all,

This is an odd behavior, but I suspect someone can help me fix it.

I have a task list for multiple projects. Each project has the same set of tasks (pulled from a standard list) but not all projects need all tasks. So, I added a Checkbox column for each row and created a formula. If the box is unchecked, put N/A in the field. Here is the formula (row number changes each time):

=IF($Required23 = 0, "N/A")

The formula is placed in several columns and works well for all columns except the Assigned To column. For some reason, the Assigned To column (Type: Contact List, allowing multiple contacts) updates automatically every day. These changes are identified in the workflow notification email. Here is a screenshot of the notification:

For this one sheet, the notification email says 72 rows are change.! Of those 72 rows, only 8 rows have changes that a person made. The other 64 rows are changes caused by the formula in the Assigned To row.

The same formula is used in all the other columns showing N/A above, which do not exhibit the same behavior. So it seems to be specific to a Contact List column.

I'd like to use this same checkbox and formula on other sheets, but until I figure out what is happening here, I will hold off because others receiving daily notifications of changes will be confused.

Any ideas what I'm doing wrong?

Thanks much for the help!


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