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Can you apply conditional formatting on calendar view that does not carry over to the sheet?


I have created a report that combines all the courses from different areas and I want the courses bars in the calendar to have different colors.  I don't want to have to click on each course and change the color because there are hundreds of courses.






  • Admin@PAT


    I have a smaller version detailing services against Engineering Resources that shows when each resource is booked, and is colour coded accordingly for quick reference. 


    In CF you can allocate that if "Course Name" is, contains etc change the colour of the TASK Bar, this will not show in your sheet, but will show the colour selected in the Calendar.


    I am not sure how you will go with 'hundreds of courses' as there aren't hundreds of colours to chose from, is there a way to catergorise the courses or to break them down into groups etc?

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