Messages on How to Cope with Covid (from Smartsheet Partner, Joseph Michelli)

Miaenn Employee
edited 06/16/22 in Smartsheet Basics

Please find some inspirational videos created specifically for the Smartsheet community during this time. They come from Joseph Michelli, a Smartsheet Alliance One member, past ENGAGE speaker, as well as best-selling author and psychologist. He thought the Smartsheet family could be helped by messages on how to cope and handle stress during this COVID-19 situation. These are gifts from him to us during this time. I hope you find value in their messages.

Please find his video messages below (~2-4 min in length):

Video 1-  Coping with Change

Video 2 - Change & Uncertainty

Video 3 - Not to social distancing

Video 4 - When to ask for help

Video 5 - Managing the marathon

Video 6 - Relaxation Based Breathing

Video 7 - Dealing with differences

Video 8 - Visualizing and planning a post-covid world