Messages on How to Cope with Covid (from Smartsheet Partner, Joseph Michelli)


Please find some inspirational videos created specifically for the Smartsheet community during this time. They come from Joseph Michelli, a Smartsheet Alliance One member, past ENGAGE speaker, as well as best-selling author and psychologist. He thought the Smartsheet family could be helped by messages on how to cope and handle stress during this COVID-19 situation. These are gifts from him to us during this time. I hope you find value in their messages.

Please find his video messages below (~2-4 min in length):

Video 1-  Coping with Change

Video 2 - Change & Uncertainty

Video 3 - Not to social distancing

Video 4 - When to ask for help

Video 5 - Managing the marathon

Video 6 - Relaxation Based Breathing

Video 7 - Dealing with differences

Video 8 - Visualizing and planning a post-covid world

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