How to Create Formula to return Fiscal Week


I have 1 column with Start Date for Fiscal year & week

2nd column is end date for fiscal year & week

I want it to return 3rd column where i have FYYRWK

This is all housed in a separate smartsheet.

Ive tried a few different articles on smartsheet, but cant seem to get one where i want it to be = or Greater than & less than

Seems to be a vlookup, + if statement, but need help.

=if(date) is greater than or equal to (fyDateStart) and is Less than or equal to (date end) then return column 3.


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  • Mona Singh
    Mona Singh ✭✭✭✭
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    I went back to basics, and a simple vlookup worked, if i moved the "end date" column out of range and selected approx match :)

    =VLOOKUP([Start Date]57, {vLookups Events Range 13}, 2, true)

    Thank you for your help!


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