Drop down list with hierarchy

Drop down list with hierarchy

I want to create 2 related drop down list, For example, first column drop down "A, B , C" choice, 2nd column have "A1, A2, B3, B4, C5, C6. When I choose "A" in 1st column, only "A1, A2" can be chosen in 2nd column.

Is ti possible?



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  • Thank you for the answer, Genevieve. Hope Smartsheet could develop this feature soon, I already submit this request.

  • This is also a feature that I need, in addition to being able to dynamically create a drop down list based on the entries of a column in the same or other sheet.

  • I agree with Rebeca. The ability to only change the entries for a drop down list in the edit column feature is so 1990's. Please create the enhancement. The ability to make changes, for example of a contact list, across many sheets would be amazing. I have members being added, switching or leaving teams on a consistent basis. If I were to have a single source on one sheet would be amazing.

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