Different Projects in Different Time Zones/Date Formats etc.

I am US based and the majority of my projects are US based, however, my most recent and my main project at the moment is in Australia, so I have set my Personal Settings for Time Zone and Regional Preferences to Australia. Yesterday I created a new Workspace for a project in the US, and the date and time formats are set to Australia. Is there a way to set the date and time formats to different time zones and date format preferences? I just checked one of the other projects I created in October of last year, but others are using now, and it does appear that it has changed to the regional date format for Australia (when you look at Cell History etc...). Because of COVID-19, I had to return to the states, so I need to be able to work in both time zones and regional formats (e.g.: the project I just created is for a US project, but the calendar is already picking up 4/30 as "Today" since they are 15 hours ahead). If I change my preferences to US, then my Australia project dates and times will be off, not to mention the date formats, which is CRAZY for anyone to keep straight if you are having to switch back and forth.

Is there a way to choose BY PROJECT the time zone and date formats?