Reporting on task completion rates



I'm looking for ways to report on a metric across multiple sheets, but am not sure if what I want to do is possible/how to start. Hoping someone else has had success doing something similar. Here's some background info:

  • I want to report to my leadership team the % of tasks completed on time, across multiple sheets. Ideally, I'd like to measure it for due dates in a 1-week time period. But I could also work with using all due dates.
  • I've created a report of all tasks with a due date in my selected sheets. I've also created a report that shows which tasks were completed on-time and not on time.
  • Ideally, I'd like to include a % of tasks completed on-time metric in a dashboard.


  • Is there a way (either using the reports I made, or some other way) to: count the total # of tasks across all sheets AND calculate the % of tasks completed on time and % of tasks completed late?
  • Is it possible to pull this information for 1-week time periods? Or will I only be able to pull information for all due dates in the sheets?

Thank you for any ideas or direction!