is it possible to configure multi steps (chain) notification rule?

Hi there!

I will try to explain my question in details.

I try to set up the following rule:

  1. when rows are changed or added
  2. Condition: Project A and some flag..
  3. Notify: PM of Project A
  4. Condition: Project B and some flag..
  5. Notify: PM of Project B
  6. Condition: Project C and some flag..
  7. Notify: PM of Project C
  8. etc

I have N projects with M PMs and I would like to configure ONE chain rule which covers all. Hopefully, I described the idea. My current problem is that my rule works only for the first action (point 3 in the list) and it does not trigger other notification (conditions are the same except the value of Project). What have I done wrong? Is it possible to automate such kind logic?

I attached screens also.

Many thanks in advance and stay healthy!

PS. I tried to use "otherwise", but there is only an "action" block and no conditions.

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