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Web Forms Client Input

Grant Simpson
edited 12/09/19 in Archived 2016 Posts




I run a construction company and I require information from the client regarding decoration specification, colours etc.

I have created a Smartsheet and need to get the client to fill out the information. Screenshot below

What is the best way to get the information from the client ?

Share the sheet? Only problem is I can’t put on any information that I don’t want the client to see such as purchase orders for materials etc. 

Web form?  Cant see a multiple line option

Or highlight lines and send them to him? This works but he can only open once . Is there a facility that he can open again if he only inputs some information?

I want to be able to send my clients other sheets to fill out specification details going forward. I am new to Smartsheets and have not used the system to get my clients to input information yet .






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