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I'm trying to include a header image for each of my client's dashboards. I had my content person create an image that spanned across my browser, that was saved as a png file. However, when I add it to the dashboard through the Image widget, it barely spans half the page, and I can't make it bigger. I want to be able to include a header image like what Smartsheet has on their recent announcement for the new Smartsheet Admin center. Can anyone help me with the requirements to have an image fit like they do. I've attached a screenshot of the dashboard for reference. Thank you.


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  • Thank you. Your suggestion helped. I also think that part of the problem I had was that I was trying to adjust the size of the widget too fast, meaning from small to large in one fell swoop instead of letting it incrementally get bigger, so it wasn't scaling correctly. Using your dimensions and gradually making it larger has made the difference.



  • Genevieve P.
    Genevieve P. Employee Admin

    That makes sense; I'm glad you sorted it out!