Can anyone assist me with VLOOKUP formulas?

I have an employee register sheet and another sheet. I would like to use the VLOOKUP function to populate some of my employee information in my other sheet when I select my employees' names.

The VLOOKUP formula gives #NO MATCH errors or sometimes gives the same employees information in all the cells. Has anyone else experienced this problem before?

Is there anyone with whom I can share my sheet to have a look at my problem and to assist me? I have been struggling with this for weeks now.

Below is a screenshot of an example that I have tried. You will see that it gives a #NO MATCH error for Manufacturing and Marketing. I have tried to use the Contact list column (Employee Name) and text column (Full Name) in order to see if the VLOOKUP struggles with Contact list columns, but I got the same results. My spelling of Manufacturing and Marketing is also correct.

Sometimes it populates the VLOOKUP columns vir Alex Bright in every row.


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