Need help building a dashboard

Rainier Hollands
edited 05/11/20 in Smartsheet Basics

Good day all,

I'm currently in the process of building a dashboard. I'm trying to build a chart in which everyday it refreshes and it always takes the the previous 7 days' days data, however I've experienced multiple issues with it so far.

I have a form which people enter whether the trucks are available or not. Everyday we have 2 shifts, day and night, and they fill in that information every shift. On the same grid I have a formula which calculates the % of trucks available for that day.

I then have another grid - which I summarize that data where I said take the max date from the first grid, and then -1 for that for the rest of the dates. I then have a shift column which has the day and night shift for everyday, and then a column with a concatenate of the date and shift, in which I can then do a vlookup to my original grid to fetch those percentages, however, every time I input new data via the form, The dashboards says that data has changed, and then I first have to open the 2nd grid. The second i open the second grid, everything says "No Match", then within 2 seconds refreshes, then I have to save the sheet and then the dashboard fixes itself.

I then tried finding a solution around that by using a report from my original grid, but is there a way in which the report refreshes every time I input data to then display the last 7 days by itself?

If anyone has better solutions, I would love to hear it.