Copy Contact to Another Cell if Entered

I have five contact columns one table. I have set up the webform where a contact can only be entered into one of those five cells. My question is, if a contact is entered into one of those five Contact cells, how can I copy that information into another cell on the same row?

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  • Cary Vaughn
    Answer ✓

    Figured out the formula:

    =IF(ISBLANK([Business Intelligence]@row) = false, [Business Intelligence]@row, IF(ISBLANK([Business Process Architecture]@row) = false, [Business Process Architecture]@row, IF(ISBLANK([Corporate Solutions Group]@row) = false, [Corporate Solutions Group]@row, IF(ISBLANK([Cyber Security]@row) = false, [Cyber Security]@row, IF(ISBLANK([Enterprise Resource Planning]@row) = false, [Enterprise Resource Planning]@row, [Infrastructure & Operations]@row)))))


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