Update sheet through upload


I'm new to Smartsheet.

I understood, we can create form and when form submitted, that information will added to sheet.

But, is there a way the form will have multiple rows (instead of one form entry submission) and user should be able to either key-in in that rows or copy paste from an excel and finally when submitted, all those rows added to sheet.

Below is what I'm trying to achieve:

  1. Created a sheet as admin and created form for that sheet
  2. Other 3 users, will collect information offline (user excel) . Every month there'll be around 500 rows.
  3. At the end of month, the need to submit their offline information which should be added to the sheet
  4. The submission can be: either by entering in the form (which may be difficult as there will be many rows) or copy pasting all the 500 rows from excel to the form or good option is upload their excel file and after upload , uploaded rows should added to the sheet.

Is this possible with Smartsheet