Examples of more than 1 Data Mesh Target Sheet

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I have been trying to figure out if Data Mesh is a tool i need for a project I'm creating in SS. The only examples I can find for DM has 1 Source Sheet and 1 Target Sheet configuration. Building the configurator, you are allowed up to 5 target sheets. How exactly does this work properly? The drop downs for the target sheet only reflects columns found w/in the 1 of the 5 sheets.

If anyone can point to me to an example that shows me how this works, please reply back w/ links or details.

Thanks !


  • Sheryl P
    Sheryl P ✭✭✭✭✭

    I am using DataMesh and it is one source, one destination. You could combine sheet data in a report then use report as source - but that depends on the structure of each sheet. Maybe you are looking at Data Uploader with multple target sheets?? (I don't use Data Uploader presently)

  • sean59916
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    Hi -

    I use the DataMesh tool a fair amount and Yes, you can have up to 5 target sheets as you mentioned - the columns in the target sheets need to be the same name and same column type.


    Source Column ==>> Target Column (in the 5 sheets)

    Name (Text/Number) ==>> Full Name (Text/Number)

    I hope this helps?



  • liz.mayeux
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    @sean59916 I think this does help me. I was going to create an intake sheet w/ only high level information and then copy the details using the automation workflow into the different sheets.

    From what I'm understanding I can have my high level info included in my source sheet and then have specific columns move over to the target sheets.