Team Coordination in Agile and Waterfall

Ankit Dixit
edited 06/16/22 in Smartsheet Basics

Hello All, I am new in this community and i don't know this is right place to ask this question. I am working as a manual tester, I am confused for the difference in agile and waterfall model as a team coordination point. Can anyone know about which one is better to handle major project details? or which model is alway better to manage team coordination?


  • Agile and Waterfall team practices are connected to the principles of these methodologies. They are totally different. Waterfall teams are large. They have strict structure and lots of roles like analysts, testers, developers and managers. Each team member is responsible for a certain stage of work. A manager in Waterfall projects is the real leader. He is the main person, responsible for the results of the project.

    Agile teams are usually small. That is why their members are interchangeable. Each developer is a tester and an analyst at the same time. There are no formal leaders in Agile teams because they are self-managing. All issues of their projects are solved through communication inside of the teams. Many Agile teams include representatives of the customers. They take part at all team meetings and estimate the intermediate products

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  • To begin with I would say that Waterfall works where projects are suited with well-defined requirements and no changes are expected. On the other hand, Agile works best where there is a higher chance of frequent requirement changes. Agile allows changes to be made at every phase and Waterfall is easy to manage and has a sequential approach.

    Agile performs testing along with software development whereas in Waterfall methodology testing comes after the “Build” phase.

    Agile mainly focus on the features that are the highest value to the customer.

    But above all, Waterfall is not suited for large teams and Agile cannot work for small development projects. To overcome these limitations, I have a better project management tool that you can check out. You can have a view by clicking here- Orgzit Project Management Solution.