Moving Row Automation Not Working


I have a sheet that has 3 columns that need to match true before moving the row to a completed sheet. We are using this as a tasks/job tracker for a warehouse. Having an issue when the conditions that need to be met are not as simple as Complete, Complete, Shipped or Delivered before the row is moved to a completed sheet. It seems when I try to have Multiple possibilities of a valid Status of the "Pull Status", "Assemble/Mod Status", "Ship/Deliver" it fails to run. Also it seems having "Blank" as a valid entry the automation doesn't run either.

Here are the 3 Columns "Pull Status", "Assemble/Mod Status", "Ship/Deliver" they are drop down menus that allow someone to change the status depending where they are in the process.

Here is the automation I have set:

In my mind I would think this would run if any of those columns are updated to a Complete, Shipped or Deliver status the automation would be triggered and it will check the 3 columns to see if they match any of the conditions.

For example: the 1st screen shot if I changed the shipping to Shipped it will not move the row even though it matches (Complete, Blank, Shipped)

Any ideas or suggestions? Am I overlooking something?

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  • Grant Graves

    Hello! They are drop downs that a member of the warehouse will go in and update the status depending on where they are in the process. I don't have any other move rows going on just a couple that notify either the person that put in the request and another one that notifies the warehouse personnel there is a new task.

    This morning I went on to my development copy of the sheet and it worked when I changed the status. Not sure what has changed.... I'll remake it on the main sheet and see if it starts to work.