HELP!! How do I Merge Excel Smartsheets to an existing Smartsheet?

HELP!! How do I Merge Excel Smartsheets to an existing Smartsheet?

I had changed cells by mistake, deleting a lot of column information. Smartsheets sent me the smartsheets via excel.

I tried to merge to the existing sheets that lost the data. It does not have any of the attachment, comments, or reminders.

How do i do this???


  • Hello @Maria Michel ,

    The Excel file you have been sent will only contain the raw/string text data as well as comments. Attachments and Workflows cannot be exported into the recovery Excel file due to Excel not directly supporting the same features Smartsheet has.

    To merge the data back into your Smartsheet, you will have to copy and paste the data back into the respected areas of your sheet. The comments from your sheet should be stored within a separate tab in the Excel file, detailing their original position in the sheet E.G Row 1. These too can be placed back in your Smartsheet by copying and pasting.

    See more on the best practices for getting this data back into your sheet:

    If you have not done so already, I would advise you to create backups of your data to combat accidental deletion. You can use the built in backup tool seen here:

    Or use the API backup tool for an organization wide backup:

    Let me know if you have any questions.



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