Auto Generated Number Referencing



I noticed when using Index match on auto generated numbers something weird happens. On sheet A I use Index({desired result Sheet B}, match(sheet A @row, {search Criteria Sheet B},0),1) where Sheet A @Row is an auto generated number and search criteria sheet B is a text/number input. I found you have to use Index({desired result Sheet B}, match(Value(sheet A @row), {search Criteria Sheet B},0),1). This took some time to figure out but works nicely.

Now I have run into the issue where I am on Sheet B trying to reference sheet A but cannot VALUE reference a whole column ie(Index({desired result Sheet A}, match(sheet B @row, VALUE({search Criteria Sheet A}),0),1). Does anyone know a work around or has also run into this? For some reason I think auto generated numbers aren't coming in as number values.


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