Automated Workflow or Assign Tasks to prioritise requests



I am hoping someone can assist me!

I have a smartsheet which contains capital requests received from Local Governments (via a grant application process). I have included a ‘region’ column & ‘regional contact’ (contact list) column so I can hopefully create a workflow conditional on region for the specific contact.

Once all of the applications have been submitted and entered we then send the condensed information back to their respective regions for prioritisation. Usually this would be a excel spreadsheet (worksheet per region) and emailed asking for all the requests to be prioritised in order of regional priority. Once returned, I would populate the respective columns & move to prioritise on a state level.

Is there way to automate a workflow or assign a task where each individual region receives their allocated rows (bulk view not individual forms), they can view, prioritise and comment on each one which will then populate the respective columns in my smartsheet (as does the ‘request update’)?

Request approval is not appropriate at this stage.

Many thanks in advance!


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