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Date AND Time format

Wayne Merlino
edited 12/09/19 in Archived 2017 Posts



I was wondering if there was / is a way to format a cell to be date and time format? We enter in when we contact a customer for the 1st time and have to track the date and time. It would be nice to do so with one cell where we click the cell and a time stamp of now (but editable) is available.


Is this a current feature or something possible to make?





  • JamesR
    JamesR ✭✭✭✭✭✭
    edited 01/02/17



    The Date Column in smartsheet is date only format.  The Created Field and the Modified fields in the Sysyem Field are the only Time and date fields and they are not editable.


    To achieve this you need two Fields, A date field and a TextNumber field to hold the Time. 


    Currently we do not know when or indeed if Smartsheet are going to change the Structure of the date column to fit in with almost all other database tools in the world.

  • jolvera20551

    Time format is a showstopper for Smartsheets, I had to go back to MS Project to be able to estimate my Cutover activities for the weekend Go Live.

    When will Smartsheets develop and support Time format?

    Do I need to explore other Cloud Solutions?




  • Ramsay Zaki
    Ramsay Zaki ✭✭✭✭✭✭
    edited 12/13/17

    Agreed. This is a show stopper for us as it relates to Cutover planning. Smartsheet can "plan" at the minute/hour level (in the duration column) and it does correctly calculate the dates accordingly. But it doesn't display the timestamp it has calculated in the date column. We know the data is there in the background. Not sure why it has taken so long to make it visible on the front end.

  • jbulcao

    I agree. Simple feature that would benefit a lot of users.

  • kingj27671

    It's embarrassing to have to go back to MS project after getting my company to purchase Smartsheet because it can't handle time for a cut over plan.

  • hilde_sheet
    edited 04/19/18

    I, too, need to be able to do this with multiple fields. It would be great if we knew if this was on the development roadmap or not.

  • Shan

    PLEASE add a time format, esp for tracking appointments and assignments in Calendar view, we have to duplicate our work by creating external calendars to denote the TIME of events. 

    Thank you for considering this feature! 

  • I need to create an implementation and cut-over plan that is down to time values in minutes, not just days, as the cut-over will occur over the course of several hours. I need a time value as well.

  • Zarth
    edited 06/06/18

    I totally agree that the Start and Finish dates need to be able to display the time as well as date.  I have always used date and time in project plans.  Certainly for cut over planning as others have stated where it is essential but also though out the entire project plan.

    On a related note I use conditional formatting on the Start and Finish dates to highlight the entire row with color based on Completed, Past Due, Currently Active, and Active Within Two weeks by comparing them to "in the past", "is today", and "within the next (days)".

    However, I have found it is not just comparing it to the day when using these comparatives it is using time causing tasks that are to start later in the day to not be highlighted as starting today as the time which cannot be displayed in the Start date has not yet occurred.

  • Aaron B.

    Yes. Really need date and time.

  • Seawolf

    18 months later and still not implemented ?

    I have an implementation plan with durations in hours but can't see the start finish date and times.....

    .....back to Microsoft Projects I guess.

    This really needs to get done.

  • MKP

    Hi, all.  Please take the time to fill out SmartSheets' Product Enhancement Request Form.  If we get enough users requesting this functionality through the proper channels, SmartSheets might actually take care of it after all these years.


  • The Product Enhancement Request Form has no transparency to it to my knowledge.

  • J. Craig Williams
    J. Craig Williams ✭✭✭✭✭✭

    What do you mean by transparency? 

    I assume that we have no view of the results or actions taken because of the submission. I just haven't see the word used in this way before.

    If so- yes. If one is lucky, then you may get a follow up question via email.


  • Hi Craig,

    Firstly, I have benefited SO much from your answers that span the years on here. Thank you!

    By transparency, I mean that users post requests here in the forum with Smartsheet staff acknowledging the request, sometimes getting clarification and use case(s), and noting that it has been added to their internal product enhancement requests. Then, when a new Smartsheet user comes along with a request (e.g. OneNote integration, logging of emails sent, dynamic dropdown lists, etc.), they can query, see that others also requested the same, and add their name to the list. There is transparency to this. 

    With the new process, requests are submitted, but users don't see those requests to know whether others have asked for the same or similar and no idea of the quantity for that same request. The old method shows the length of time that the request has been out there; the new method does not.

    Does that answer your question or raise any new ones? 



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