Master work-flows in JIRA?


From what I can make out, I can only have a 1:1 for work-flows and sheets, and not a master work-flow which can be repeatedly used across all new sheets created. Is a master work-flow possible?


  • Ramzi K
    Ramzi K ✭✭✭✭✭

    Hi @Henry Kenyon,

    Can you please elaborate on what problem you are trying to solve. Trying to get a general sense for what the end goal is. There may be other ways to get it done.



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  • Henry Kenton

    @Ramzi Thanks for offering your help

    1. Unable to set required fields in Jira without adding a lot of extra columns onto our project plans - is it possible to append information rather than having extra columns? It is not clear how to do this within the workflow setup.
    2. When setting our project types and running the workflow, every ticket in that type is passed back to the Smartsheet - quite a lot of which do not apply to that specific plan. Is there a clearer way to be able to filter these out, otherwise there's lots of additional and unnecessary information on each Smartsheet.
    3. As yet, we've not been able to work out how to set up a "master" workflow, that can be used across multiple sheets, or as a template to set up workflows. 

    Any help with that those would be greatly appreciated!