Smartsheet has over 2,000 Use Cases. One of them is saving your orgainization money.

Elisabeth Wharton
edited 09/11/23 in Show & Tell

Smartsheet Has over 2,000 Documented Use Cases (PM is just one silver). 

Because of this, we have customers replacing expensive and redundant single-use platforms with Smartsheet to save money and reduce the number of applications.

A recent example - a procurement director reached out because they heard internally that Smartsheet has over 2,000 use cases and wanted to know if Smartsheet could be used in areas like HR, Finance, Marketing, Payroll, IT, Construction, Facilities, Student Recruiting/Onboarding and several others (she had a long list!). The answer was "Yes" and in many cases, several Smartsheet Licenses is all it takes to get a solution built without needing to keep or procure a purpose-built tool.

Smartsheet can be used as an automated contract and procurement tracking system to help rollup expenditures and cost-savings, contract versions, renewal dates, YoY variance and much more and do it in real time.  

Customer Testimonial: This quote is from another customer in Higher Ed Procurement who presented his work at our ENGAGE User Conference in 2017:

".. the work I did in year 1 of this (100% on Smartsheet) did result in $410,000 in software and service efficiencies. I can think of other areas too." - Director of Budget and Procurement, Office of Information Technology  

Let us know how Smartsheet is saving your time and money in the comments!