Help with RYG IF Statement and consider a Blank Cell

I have a sheet to measure KPI's for a project. Bascially I'm trying to record when we submit a report;

  • If the Submission Date falls before the 4 Week Limit (Purple Helper Column) KPI 2 returns Green
  • If the Submission Date lands after the 4 week limit but less than 14 days 'late' KPI 2 returns Yellow
  • If the Submissinon Date lands any later, KPI 2 returns Red.

So far so good and the below demonstrates this.

My problems is that the Submission Date remains Blank until we issue a Report. I'm trying to prevent KPI 2 from defaulting to the Green ball and instead returning a blank field when Submission Date is blank.

The formula I'm using is per the following, which is based on IF Statements working backwards (based on @Paul Newcome advice on

I've tried to include a IF Statement with <>,"" at the start of the equation and also at the end, but it isn't working. I'd always tried IFERROR, but no luck. I'm almost there, but some help would be appreciated.

Any solution to force a blank result would be appreciated.




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