Formula needed - adding total of one column dependent on other columns criteria


I need the sum of one column conditional to the criteria of 3 other columns; below is the formula I am attempting to use with the goal of obtaining the sum of [% KRs Contribute to Corp Objs] that have the below additional columns criteria. Can anyone review and let me know if I need a different formula or what I am missing? Thanks!

=(IF([Corporate Objective]:[Corporate Objective], "Foundation for Scale", (Stage:Stage), "Completed", (Level:Level, "Corporate", =SUM([% KRs Contribute to Corp Objs]:[% KRs Contribute to Corp Objs]))


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  • Vivienne Strettle

    Hi Ashley. It looks like you need the SUMIFS formula. This allows you to add up values in one column based on multiple criteria. If you type =SUMIFS into a field you'll get help with the syntax and further explanation on how to use it. I you have a problem I'd be happy to help if you don't find what you need. Viv

  • Ashley Archibeque

    Thank you for your response Vivienne - the problem is I want the sum of the column [% KRs Contribute to Corp Objs] IF this criteria qualifies first: =(IF([Corporate Objective]:[Corporate Objective], "Foundation for Scale", (Stage:Stage), "Completed", (Level:Level, "Corporate", = SUM of [% KRs Contribute to Corp Objs] that have this criteria.

    I am not sure how a SUMIFS would work here....could you provide the format for the formula and how it should look it possible?

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